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Super Smash Bros. [USA] rom for Nintendo 64 (N64) and play Super Smash Bros. [USA] on your devices windows pc, mac,ios and android! Smash Brothers ROM download for Nintendo 64 / N64.

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Genre: Fighting

Super Smash Bros Rom N64

Rating: ESRB: E
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OverviewCharacters from popular Nintendo franchises meet up for the first time (and then duke it out) in this crossover fighting game by HAL.
Anonymous rates this game: 5/5

Super smash brothers is a basic, but very good, start to an amazing series that hooked in alot of people to enjoy the series very much. The game is extremely good, and I suggest you download it immediately. Now, lets start off by going over the controls.
Analog stick - move A button - attack B button - special attack Analog stick up - jump and double jump Analog stick down - duck and jump down from a platform
All of these controls can be combined to make some fearsome combos.
Now, lets go over the characters.
Mario - The mascot of nintendo, Mario has some very nostalgic moves with an amusing feel to them. His limbs inflate as you punch, giving the game a slightly less serious feel to them. His special attacks consist of throwing fireballs, a helicopter attack, and his jump special attack is a normal jump, but when he hits you doing it coins fly out!
Donkey Kong - Nintendos strong guy, Donkey kongs moves are slow and jerky but when he hits you he hits you. his moves are powerful, often sending you high into the air. His special moves have a charge attack, where he spins his arm, and when you press b again he releases his attack, sending you flying into the air. For his jump attack he spins his arms rapidly, lifting him into the air.
Link - The rpg titan that is Link uses his wide artillery of weapons and strategic thinking to defeat the enemy in battle. He uses his sword to attack, and his jumps are swift so he can quickly get behind you to slash you. His special attacks are: He can pull out his boomerang to get you at a long range, he gets out a bomb and throws that at you, and his special attack is a helicopter spin. (quite alot of these)
Samus - The heavily armored soldier can attack an enemy at long range but she is formidable up close as well. She can pummel you with her gun at close range, and she is quite fast as well, able to maneuvre behind you relatively quickly. Her special attacks are: a charging up attack, rather like DK's, only hers is an invisible long range bullet, quick and hard to dodge that deals considerable damage. She also has mines that she can release, doesn't deal much damage but it can blow an opponent away, good if your cornered and in a fix. Her jump attack is - she rolls into a ball and flys into the air, but when you touch her you get damaged- rather like marios special jump attack.
Yoshi - The one and only internet meme, but formidable in a fight. His attacks have a rather cute feel to them, he smiles as he kicks your butt with inflatable feet. His special attacks are - he eats you, then poops you out as an egg, and he can throw eggs at you. Yoshi is one of the only characters that don't have a special jump attack.
Kirby - Mario's rival and my personal favourite, the pink guy is tough to beat with his unpredictable moves. He can fight with speed, but he has brute strength as well. With skill you can outwit him, but he is rather tough. His special attacks are : He can eat you, and then either spit you out or take your abilities and wear a hat that resembles a part of your character, he can shapeshift into a rock and land on you for quite alot of damage, and for his jump attack, he pulls out an energy sword of some kind, jumps up and lands again, sending a wave of energy into a foe. Kirby's jumps, unlike most, are a series of small jumps instead of two large jumps.
Fox - Never failing to do a barrel roll, Fox is used to piloting a ship, however his swift high-risk high-gain moves are very fun to use. He is very fast and is quite risky to use, but if you know how to use him correctly you will be quite formidable with him. His special attacks are : He can pull out a gun and shoot you, he can reflect your attacks right back at you, and for his jump attack he sends himself hurtling into the air, fire surrounding him that can damage enemys.
Pikachu - Pokemon's mascot, Pikachu is adorable, and funny. But don't let his cuteness fool you. He is electrically charged, and not afraid to use it against people he doesn't like. He has swiftness in his attacks rivalling fox's and has electric abilities rivalling none. His special attacks consist of - an electric shock hurtling towards you, he can make a lightning bolt shoot from the sky down towards him and, if it isn't blocked, surrounds him in electrical energy which blasts away his opponents, and his jump attack is a quick movement invisible to the eye which sends him quickly to where he wants to go.
There are also 4 secret characters you have to unlock, but we won't spoil them for you.
Game types:
Time : a game type where you have to defeat your opponent(s) more times then they defeat you.
Stock : Where you have a limited number of lives, and you have to defeat all of the other opponents before all your lives run out
Time team: like time, but in teams.
Stock team: like stock, but in teams.
There is a fantastic single player mode where you go through a series of challenges and battles until you get to the MASTER HAND, a hand that is the embodiment of all creativity, and once you defeat him, you've won the single player mode. But don't stop there! play with your friends, find out your best character, and create tournemants with your friends as well.
The possibilitys are endless.
Especially in an awesome game like this :D
Rating? 5/5
If you haven't played it already, you need to.

DeriLoko1 rates this game: 5/5Super

Super Smash Bros.(Europe)(En,Fr,De) is the very first game of Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64. Each character has three special moves(standard B, up B, and I guess foward B). It's a beat-them-up game about characters from the Nintendo series get into the fighting action. This game is also known as Nintendo All-Star! Dairantou Smash Bros.(Japan).

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